SqwelschShow #03


01.John Carpenter "Theme From Assault"
02.Chris Carter
03.Herman's Rocket "Space Woman"
04.Chromatics "Hands In The Dark"
05.Magazine "Parade"
06.Cabaret Voltaire "Seconds Too Late"
07.Marianne Faithfull "Working Class Hero"
08.Sylk 130 with Mark Bell "Romeo's Fate"
09.Konki Duet "On Dort Mieux Quand Il Pleut"
10.Cluster "Dem Wanderer"
11.Bill Wyman "Si Si (Je Suis Une Rock Star)"
12.The Honeymoon Killers
13.Lindstrom & Solale "Let It Happen"
14.Glass Candy "Miss Broadway"
15.Unkle with Gavin Clark "Keys To The Kingdom"
16.Yellow Power "Haï Samuraï"
17.Eight Wonder "I'm Not Scared (12inch mix)"
18.Daniel Wang "Black Boots And Sine Waves"
19.Beyound The Wizards Sleeve "A Path Through The Forest"
20.Magical Ring "Light Flight"
21.Todd Rundgren "International Feel"
22.Starbow "Voyager II"

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