SqwelschShow #05


01.Sylvia Love "Extraterrestrial Lover (JAZ Edit)"
02.John Foxx "Metal Beat"
03.Dennis Parker "Like An Eagle (Todd Terje edit)"
04.Quiet Village "Can't Be Beat"
05.Studio "Origin"
06.Barclay James Harvest "Love On The Line"
07.Cat Stevens "Was Dog A Doughnut (Pilooski edit)"
08.That Thing "That Thing (european version)"
09.Nina Hagen "New York New York"
10.Sad Rockets "New Art"
11.MC 900 Ft Jesus "Killer Inside Me"
12.Massimo Barsotti "Whole Lotta Love"
13.Recloose "Cardiology (Isolee mix)"
14.Lindback & Lindstrom "Alien In My Pocket"
15.Ann Margaret "Everybody Needs Somebody (Prins Thomas edit)"
16.The Now Generation "African Nightclub"
17.Giorgio Moroder "I'm Left,You're Right,She's Gone"
18.Vivien Lee "Alright"
19.Jodie Foster "La Vie C'est Chouette"

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