SqwelschShow #26

[Play me a sad mix,Bobbie] mix by ExplodingFrogs

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01.The Dukes of Stratosphear "25 o' clock"
02.Thighpaulsandra "The Slammer"
03.Richard Wahnfried "Grandma's clockwork"
04.Tom Recchion "Lepidoptera"
05.Neu "Spitzenqualität"
06.Clock DVA "Brigades"
07.Arthur Brown "Time"
08.Eroc "wolkenreise"
09.Goblin "Notturno"
10.Nocturnal Emissions "Pulsar"
11.23 Skidoo "Kundalini"
12.Dinosaur L "You're gonna be clean on your bean"
13.Trio "Sabine, Sabine, Sabine"
14.Haymarket Square "Phantasmagoria"
15.Marc Almond & Andi Sex Gang "The hungry years"
16.Severed Head "Bullet"
17.Magazine "The book"
18.Colin Potter "I am your shadow"
19.Snowy Red "Never alive"
20.Arto Lindsay & Animal Collective "In the city that reads"
21.Swell Maps "Midget submarine"

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