To Claudia On Thursday mix

[To Claudia On Thursday] by Sqwelsch


02.Spencer Mac "Kaka Kabya Mow Mow"
03.The Mamas & The Papas "Shooting Star"
04.Hamilton Bohannon "Summertime Groove"
05.Earth And Fire "Love Of Life"
06.Black Devil "Follow Me"
07.Atmosfear "Dancing In Outer Space"
08.Nora Dean "Ay Ay Ay"
09.Betty Wright "Let Me Be Your Lovemaker"
10.Millie Jackson "It's All Over But The Shouting"
11.Pop Concerto Orchestra "Kyrie Elei Pop"
12.Aphrodite's Child "Aegian See"
13.Beard Science "Tusssk [edit of Fleetwood Mac track]"
14.Yma Sumac "Let Me Hear You"
15.The Poppy Family "Shadows On My Wall"
16.Pool "Jamaica Running"
17.Chairmen Of The Board "Life And Death In The G And A"
18.Odyssey "Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Live"
19.Serge Gainsbourg "Premiere Blessure"
20.Plantains "I Feel Love"
21.Ennio Morricone "L'Uccello Dalle Piume Di Cristallo"
22.Riz Ortolani "Crucified Woman"

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