Psych'out Mix

[Psych'out mix] by ExplodingFrogs


01.Eire Apparent "Morning Glory"
02.Isotope "Mr. M's Picture"
03.Group 1850 "Friday I'm Free"
04.Gandalf "I Watch The Moon"
05.The Easybeats "Falling Off The Edge Of The World"
06.Plastic Penny "Happy Just To Be With You"
07.Barclay James Harvest "I Can't Go On Without you"
08.Spirit "I'm Truckin"
09.Kaleidoscope "Keep Your Mind Open"
10.Nora Orlandi "A Doppa Faccia"
11.400 Blows "Perspective 1"
12.Plasticland "We Can't"
13.Lydia Lunch "Escape"
14.Blue Öyster Cult "E.T.I. [Extraterrestrial Intelligence]"
15.Screaming Lord Sutch "Dracula's Daughter"
16.Chocolate Watch Band "Expo 2000"
17.Count Five "Mailman"
18.Three O'Clock "Fall To The Ground"
19.Graham Bond "Time To Die"
20.Frijid Pink "I'll Never Be Lonely"
21.Paul Jones "Strangely Human Sound"

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