Turn On & Tease Me

[Turn On & Tease Me] by Tofu


01.The Love Unlimited Orchestra "Welcome Aboard (intro)"
02.Cabaret Voltaire "Breathe Deep"
03.ESG "Like This"
04.Shocking Pinks "CutOut (Expanding Head Band version)"
05.Jean-Pierre Decerf & Gerard Zajd "Reaching The Infinite"
06.Discodeïne "Joystick (Tomboy remix)"
07.Simian Mobile Disco "Love (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve remix)"
08.Marianne Faithfull "Broken English (Baron Von Luxxury Slow Touch mix)"
09.Charlie "Spacer Woman"
10.Crystal Castles "Airwar"
11.LCD Soundsystem "45:33 Part 1 (Prince Language remix)"
12.Velodrome "Capataz"
13.Glass Candy "I Always Say Yes (Tim Sweeney & Tim Goldsworthy remix)"
14.Rubies "I Feel Electric (Max Essa remix)"
15.Objects Of Desire "Pinch Punch"
16.The Diaphanoids "Escape From Martius 42"
17.Chris Craft "Discosmic Dancer"
18.Antipop vs Asia Argento "Vampy"
19.Sebastien Tellier "L'amour Et La Violence (Le Defi remix)"

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