My Favourite Glue mix

[My Favourite Glue] mix by ExplodingFrogs
Photo by Providence
[60'-160kbps-69,9mo] Download

01.Altered Images "Disco Pop Stars"
02.Kissing The Pink "Broken Body"
03.Ian North 'White Gardens"
04.Paul Haig "Trust"
05. Martha & The Muffins "Danseparc (dance mix)"
06.Severed Heads "Blast Patter"
07.The British Electric Foundation "Honeymoon In New York"
08.Ultravox "Someone Else's Clothes"
09.Eyeless In Gaza "Rose Petal Knot"
10.The Monochrome Set "Mr Bizarro"
11.The Leather Nun "Dance Dance Dance"
12.Glaxo Babies "Who killed Bruce Lee"
13.Jo Lemaire + Flouze "Follow Me In The Air"
14.Clock DVA "Resistance (12")"
15.The Comsat Angels "Total War"
16.The Associates "Boys Keep Swinging"
17.Medium Medium "Full Of Secrecy"
18.Pere Ubu "Thriller!"
19.Minny Pops "Palm Beach"
20.The Stockholm Monsters "Partyline (12")"


Geoff said...

Great mix. Good to hear Martha and the Muffins' "Danseparc." You might try to dig up "Swimming" for a slightly mellower groove.

And a great Paul Haig cut.

Thanks for this.

rickdog said...

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