DC Recordings Mixes

It is time to celebrate one of the most exciting UK label : DC Recordings !!!
Here is 3 fab mixes made by the DC crew...

The first one is mixed by Richard Sen from Padded Cell
[59'-128kbps-55,7mo] Download

01.Volcano "Living In The Jungle"
02.The Emperor Machine "Slap On"
03.The Diaphanoïds "What The Fuck Do You Want With Us, Earthlings?"
04.Nightmoves "Transdance"
05.Diskjokke "Flott Flyt"
06.Redshape "Unfinished Symmetry"
07.Astral Manhole Project "Perfected Love"
08.Loud E "Plaza Break"
09.LCD Soundsystem "Freakout"
10.Ali Renaut "Our World Is..."
11.Siousxie & The Banshees "Supernatural Thing"

The second...[Returning Your Call] by Brit Kel McKeown aka Kelpe
[46'-160kbps-54,6mo] Download

01.Bernard Parmegiani "En Phase/Hors Phase"
02.Propergol Y Colargol/Tape "PYC Tape"
03.Shuggie Otis "XL-30"
04.Caural "Make Us Invisible"
05.Ceephax "Ceelink"
06.Zombie Zombie "Jay Rules"
07.Cacoy "Mural of Music"
08.Supermayer "The Art of Letting Go"
09.Caribou "Bees"
10.Syclops "Where's Jason K ?"
11.Broadcast "DDL"
12.Fujiya and Miyagi "Ankle Injuries"
13.Fugazi "Arpeggiator Demo"
14.Cornelius "Drop"
15.Dabrye "Truffle No Shuffle"
16.Kelpe "Shipwreck Glue"
17.Debruit "Offbeat Hearted"
18.Alexanders Dark Band "Lord Calrec"
19.Dabrye "Game Over" (Flying Lotus remix)"
20.Bullion "Long Promised"
21.Judee Sill "Emerald River Dance"
22.Moondog "All is Lonelyness"
23.Porn Sword Tobacco - "En Hyllning Till Cykeln"

And the last one...
[Death Before Distemper] mix by The Oscillation
[64'-160kbps-75,3mo] Download

01.Siouxsie & The Banshees "Arabian Knights"
02.The Pastels "Oh Baby Honey"
03.The Electric Prunes "Antique Doll"
04.Jorge Reyes "Al Filo De Obsidiana"
05.Stefano Torossi "fearing much"
06.PIL "Swan Lake"
07.The Serpents "Bricweithian Borth Wen"
08.Dr Fiorella Terenzi "Plazma Waves"
09.Julian Cope "Ravebury Stones"
10.Spectrum "Sweet Running Water"
11.Suicide "Cheree Cheree"
12.Sunray "Music For The Dream Machine"

More mixes from the DC Recording's crew on Samuraï FM [streaming]
Cheers !!!

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