It Takes Two To Tango

[It Takes Two To Tango] mix by Paul Jung
[55'-160kbps-64,7mo] Download

01.Alan Hawkshaw "Girl At The Top"
02.The Kinks "The Contenders"
03.Peter Bjorn & John "I Just Wanna See Through"
04.Circus Devils "French Horn Litigation"
05.Gun Club "Sex Beat"
06.Rick James "Mary Jane"
07.The Boggs "Fort"
08.Telescopes "Please Tell Mother"
09.The Quarter After "One Trip Later"
10.Bert Sommer "Brink Of Death"
11.Leo Sayer "Quicksand"
12.Luis Bacalov "Motorcycle Circus"
13.A.R. & Machines
14.Peter Thomas "Orion 2000"
15.Guido & Maurizio de Angelis "Assassino In Fabrica"
16.White Noise "My Game Of Loving"
17.Glenda Collins "Oh How I Miss You Tonight"
18.Carla Bozulich "Denver / O'er The Waves"
19.Lovetones "Accros The Sea"
20.Tom Reccion "The Perpetual Motion Clock Factory"
21.Carla Bozulich "A Little Improv"
22.Paul Roland "Gabrielle"

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