Space Lovers Come On Sunday

This is a cool mixtape of italo-disco tunes made by the italian producer Bottin...His new 12"inch "No Static" has released now on the Mike Simonetti fab "Italians Do It Better"...Enjoy !!!

[Space Lovers Come On Sunday(Lazy Sunday Mix)]

01.Rah Band "Messages From The Stars"
02.Mirage "Woman"
03.Df & Pam "On The Beat"
04.Claudio Mingardi "Starman"
05.Charlie "Spacer Woman"
06.Louella "Rapt"
07.Gonzo "I Need And I Love"
08.Cless "Extraterrestreally"
09.Electra "Are You Automatic?"
10.Berlin "Sex"


Anonymous said...

awesome mix!

petite fumée said...

So true ! Thx Bottin for this mix !