Don't Treat Me Bad

[Don't Treat Me Bad] by Paul Jung
[60'-160kbps-68,5mo] Download

01.Arthur Brow "Prelude - Nightmare"
02.The Feminine Complex "I Don't Want Another Man"
03.Raspberries "Drivin' Around'"
04.Green On Red "Hair Of The Dog"
05.The Lollipop Shoppe "It's Makin' It"
06.Barry Blue "Rosetta Stone"
07.Dexy's Midnight Runners "The Teams That Meet In Caffs"
08.The Jackpots "Jack In The Box"
09.The End "Loving, Sacred Loving"
10.Certain General "New York, New York"
11.F/I "2000 Light Years From Home"
12.Aerovons "With Her"
13.Gale Garnett And The Gentle Reign "Big Sur"
14.Nora Orlandi "Molto Tempo Fa"
15.Catherine Howe "It's Not Likely"
16.Audience "Man On The Box"
17.Tractor "Little Girl In Yellow"
18.The Zombies "Leave Me Be"
19.Kristin Sparkle"Baby, I Love You"
20.David Hemmings"Bell Birds"
21.Barclay James Harvest "Need You Oh So Bad"

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