At the begining of 80s and inspired by the sounds of Yazoo, Depeche Mode and Eyruthmics, ex band member and the resident DJ of Palach club in Rijeka, Croatia - Davor Tolja teamed up with Marina Perazic and formed “Denis & Denis”. In an improvised studio they came up with demos which resulted in them being signed by Jugoton, Yugoslavia’s leading record label .They released their first album "Cuvaj se" in 1984, which was voted the album of the year in Yugoslavia.
This was unofficial video of "Program tvog kompjutera". The official was censured cause it was too hot for tv broadcast at that time. More in dept info is hard to find.

Denis & Denis - Program tvog kompjutera from album "Cuvaj se" - 1984

Lyrics of a song:

U are follow me, i run, loose my breath,
some strong desire intoxicate my fear
one more step and it's end of street

Heart beats wild, i want u
I wipe your tears, take you to my place
while my look gently goes down

Now i follow the rhythm
this song new number,
if u want i'll be your computer program

It's dark, i seek for light, u hold a key
while i sink in emptines your touch burning me
i look at you while you touch my hair.

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