Joakim's Milky Mix

This is a great hour made by the french producer Joakim (Tigersushi boss)..His brilliant new album out this month on Versatile.. A subtle mix of electro psychedelic stuffs vamped with old-school sounds...On heavy rotation !!!

Joakim's Milky Mix

01.O.M.D. – Electricity (Micronauts remix)
02.E.A.R. – Submarine
03.Dragons of Zynth – Anna Mae
04.John Foxx – Metal Beat
05.Joakim – Fly Like An Apple
06.James Pants – Rhythm Track
07.Pom Pom – Untitled
08.Soft Rocks – Black Magic
09.Vanessa Paradis – Des Que J’te vois (Joakim unreleased remix)
10.Red Dragon Band – Let Me Be Your Radio pt 1
11.The Rolling Stones – Undercover Of the Night
12.SPK – Dance Du Metal (I:Cube Edit)
13.Joakim – Watermelon Bubblicious
14.Sweet Exorcist – Mad Jack
15.Yura Yura Teikoky – Hollow Me (Alternate Version)
16.Dj Deeon – Exctacy
17.The Beatles – Helter Skelter (demo)
18.Goslings – Croatan
19.Acid Mothers Temple – Electric Love Machine
20.Dennis Wilson – Farewell My Friend

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