After Hours...

[60'-160kbps-68,7mo] Download

01.Goblins "Ai Margini Della Follia (alternate take)"
02.Melanie "Close To It All"
03.Mountaineer "Flap"
04.John Carpenter "Chase Across The 69th Street"
05.Can "I'm So Green"
06.Brian Eno "Great Pretender"
07.Fad Gadget "Lady Shave"
08.Gram Rabbit "Crossing Guards With Guns"
09.Zyx "Hey You"
10.M-Byro and DMT "The Empty Street"
11.Clara Mondshine "O Queen Of Saba"
12.Eberhard Schoener "Why Don't You Answer"
13.Courtney Tidwell "Don't Let The Stars Keep Us Tangled (E. Pearson mix)"
14.Sunbelt "Spin It (12"version)"
15.Black Devil "Timing,Forget The Timing (Kerrier District remix)"
16.Giorgio Moroder "Chase"
17.Paul McCartney "Coming Up"
18.Minny Pops "Crack"
19.Steel Mind "Bad Passion (instrumental version)"
20.Chromatics "In The City"
21.The Stranglers "It Only Takes Two To Tango"
22.BWH "Stop (instrumental edit)"

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