Ex-Yu Synth Flavours

In forgotten era and teritory in general, old Yugoslavia besides it's own political power and always drama colored events, had one beautifull thing that remained even today - musical scene.

In hand made compilation in Sqwelsch studio we present you best times of the 80's YU pop synth period. Selection was based on top lists of that period, unique sounds and personal likes. Enjoy!

Ex-Yu Synth Flavours:

Ti si neko staro lice - Zana (1981)
Don't stop - Sizike (1984)
Mrak - Beograd (1982)
Ne zovi to ljubavlju - Data (1984)
Beogradska devojka - Max&Intro (1984)
Rudi - Bebi Dol (1983)
Moja draga voli kurosavu - Oliver Mandic (1981)
Miki Miki - Sladjana Milosevic (1983)
Program tvog kompjutera - Denis & Denis (1984)
Detektivska Prica - Videosex (1984)

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Elizabeta said...

Brilliant. Thank you so very much!
Sunny :)

the saucer people said...

This is a fascinating collection of obscure material (well, obscure for us in England anyway as we had little access to music from Yugoslavia at the time aside from Laibach and occasional Belgrade B92 Radio tapes!)....What I love about electronica, synth music and disco created by musicians in the seventies and eighties living under the spectre of communism in the former Eastern Bloc is the way it sounds so different from the western music at the time....it seems they took the western templates and then ran with them in new and unexpected directions (rather than just straight copies of western electronic/synth/disco)...its strange, but some of the Eastern Bloc music produced in the seventies and eighties has a curious contemporary quality to it whereas a lot of the equivilant western music sounds so dated, I guess because its still kind of "new" to our western ears even though it was made twenty/thirty years ago)

Anyway, thanks so muhc for sharing such great music and anymore records like this would be great to hear (especially some of the disco music produced in the Eastern Bloc and Russia in the 70/80s which has a cool cosmic feel to it)....

▼▲▼▲ said...

yu're so right !! there is some special flavour in all that. more similar music coming soon :) we're glad u enjoyed..see ya!

bearbaby said...

WOW! this is some majorly important and interesting stuff... I am a political science major as well as an electronic music-fanatic.. it's so interesting to see what came out of yugoslavia during the mid eighties.

what a trip. video sex is awesome, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Those truly are the best synthpop hits that came out of Yugoslavia. I should know that cause I live in ex-Yugo parts.

great compilation :)

Ana said...

Oh, childhood :) !