"Cube is a disco dance trio consisting of an English and two Italian members (Paul Griffiths, Rudi Trevisis, Serse Mai). They have conquered the Italian market within a short time, and just do the same with the international one as well.
Cube has been established by Malavasi (born in Mirandola near Modena), a young musician who contributed to the creation of the so called Sound Of Bologna. He commutes between USA and Italy and he is open to every kind of music.
"Cube symbolises the 80's, since it's been used as a symbol by advertisiments, games just think about "Rubik Cube". In addition,there's coming a new TV system called "Cube System", which makes possible to watch foreign tv cahnels and programs in Italy. So Cube is a synthesis of every kind of things."
(extract from an interview with Cube from 1983 by Lorenzo Bergamini :: big thanks to Saltyka!)

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