Ex Yu Synth Flavours Vol. 2

Here again we present you Ex-Yu Synth flavours sequel. New compilation is filed with space tunes, catchy melodies, timeless classics, genius compositors and shaking beats. Everyone of them in their own musical directions and creations...
... getered in Vol. 2 compilation to once again celebrate the golden age of Ex Yu Synth scene. Enjoy!

Ex Yu Synth Flavours Vol. 2:

The Green Moon Pathway - Kornelije Kovac (1986)
Kosmicka Balada - Zak (1983)
Computer Break - Master Scratch Band (1984)
Neonska Reklama 2 - Videosex (1984)
Mister Kompleks - Bastion (1984)
Programiraj Me - Rezonansa (1982)
Beli Dekolte - Oskarova Fobija (1985)
Sretni Strojevi - Alen Belajec (1988) [Konrad Medvedov 2008 Edit]
Simfonija C Mol - Miha Kralj (1980)

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BCR said...

really enjoyed part 1..thanx for part 2!

Anonymous said...

Oskarova Fobija is probably the most original synth-pop duo from this region (Balkans). They are a little bit camp (if you can understand lyrics), a little bit progressive and minimalistic and (no matter if this sounds contradictory) a little bit chart-oriented as any other synth-pop band. Amazing...

▼▲▼▲ said...

yes...very fresh..and story tells that girl was only 13 when she recorded this!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it still sounds fresh (after all those years). Does this means that Beli Dekolte is a really good song? If the freshness is prserved...
By the way, Maya was 17 (not 13) when she had sung this song.

▼▲▼▲ said...

I see u very familiar with band ;) It's fresh in general anyway, now or than. And good to know about Mayas real age, even 17 is surprizing. Thanks for infos ;) Hope u enjoy blog.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know a lot about this synth-pop duo. If you (or somebody else) have some questions about Oskarova Fobija, I'll be glad to give some useful information. :)

the saucer people said...

Woohooh! Part Two! I just loved part one as the music had such a strange almost disorientating quality, it sounds on the surface similar to eighties western synth-driven music and yet it isn't simply a "copy" as it brings in its own Eastern European influences, however oblique or unconscious.

Thats why paradoxically the seventies and eighties Eastern European electronica/disco/synth-pop sounds fresher than the eighties music I grew up with.

Still bopping around to Sizike's 'Don't Stop' as we speak!

Here is to Volume III and thank you so much for sharing your deep knowledge of this music with us!

Anonymous said...

wow, this is great. can I recommend this to be in Volume 3? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWtT0Kot86Y sorry for bad quality

Ana said...

I've only recently found out about Miha Kralj and fell in love with those songs I heard.

I'm looking forward to listening to this compilation - if the preview songs are anything to go by, and I believe they are, that will be a real joy :) .

I really appreciate you gathering this and presenting it to us - while I know the songs from the first Ex Yu Synth volume (it would be great if you could include a link to it in the main part of the post, so people don't have to search for it), these are all new to me.

Wonderful :) .