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Darktown Strutters is not just the name of a cult 70s blaxploitation movie. It's the musical project between Kara Howell and Wes Darrin started a couple of years ago in Dallas, Texas. We listened it a lot, we loved it...
... and after some time of streight thinking and trying to define their music or at least establish musical roots of it, we give ourselfs to pure association and reflection of what we hear - deep inside back of our conciousness was unidentified memory of late 70s and early 80s lost underground when puppet porn cabarets seemed as perfect expression of sexual tendencies that lead into new wave porns and new forms of B movies. Fragments collected in collage of undercarpet life played on a stage made of dirty dirty desires. But really. How to define that bewitched vibes ? If u check all around the net you can read about "a brand of mutant disco meets Cramps and Nico sludge" or "satanic disco stuffs". Specific Kara's voice and Wes nonchalence are simply unique. This MixTaste will put you through out deliciously rich experience of sounds of wicked underground stirred with some timeless classics. And give u better idea of what inspired them to make music as they do. At the end when we asked Kara to give her proper definition of their music. She just send us these lines "My name is Kara and you'll love my dirty Darktown...I'm working on the soundtrack to the cable-access movie of my dreams... Stay tuned..." And we definitely do.

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01. Mitchell Froom - Café Flesh intro/Thrill Factor
02. Dono Deti - Flesh And Steel
03. Krisma - Wanderlust
04. Nina Hagen - TV Snooze
05. Mystic Knights [Susan Tyrell] - Witch's Egg
06. Grace Jones - Nipple To The Bottle
07. The Weathermen - Poison
08. Todd Tamanend-Clark - Flame Over Philadelphia
09. Monochrome Set - Eine Symphonie Des Grauens
10. Ledernacken - Amok
11. Bauhaus - Kick In The Eye

Download Darktown Strutters MixTaste (11 tracks unmixed)
Bonus Track: Darktown Strutters - [Grab A] Silver Bullet

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