IN//TENSE// Frames

We've already talked about the fabulous //TENSE// from Houston, Texas. Now after putting the fire on the stage during a US tour alongside the legendary Nitzer Ebb they're back with the release of a terrific 7"inch "Turn It Off/The Chain...
... (a Fleetwood Mac cover!!) on the NYC's Mishka label. To celebrate the event, what is more exciting than this new awesome video made by  TommyBoy (from our favourite Arawa blog). Below, u can see the videos he done for both titles of the vinyl and another one of "The Chain" witch housed remade by Mater Suspiria Vision. That vinyl release is followed by a digital ep with a bunch of new remixes by Valis, White Car & Party Trash of both tracks. Don't miss it.

..and don't forget to immerse yourself in the great Mix-Taste they made for us!!

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