Ghetto of My Mind

In the heat of L.A., Firenze or Paris, where the tourists run all around the Eiffel Tower. Everywhere it's time to celebrate the summer.

La Dolce Vita

Hello everyone! After a Weekend of fun and joy..We start this week with a brand new mix for all...full of Italo Disco gems..Summer is approaching..Happy listening!

Who Is Tommyboy?

Who is Tommy? Combing the web (& plenty of other physical media) for elusive retro-futuristic ephemera, Tommyboy is a multimedia video artist, DJ, faceless internet identity.

In Viaggio Sintetico

This is a set improvised in the moment....Just a feeling...A turntable and some good records...A little travel to keep you company...A Viaggio Sintetico...

Take Me To My Lover

Spring 1967...Marianne & Le Samourai...

Minimal Punk Timers

...Sounds from an uninhibited wave system...

In The Clouds

The idea of this new mix, was born a few days ago. When it came to my house, the UPS driver handed me a package containing some vinyl.

Eclectic Synthesizer Stories

Here we are going back and forth rediscovering forgotten musical synthesizer genres.

What The Doctor Ordered

"Purveyors of classic synth, cosmic disco, wave (cold/new), and future music"

Os Ovni's Halloween Celebration

Just before starting their winter tour Omebi Velouria and Logan Owlbeemoth, our friends from Os Ovni, sent us a tape of their best scary scores to celebrate Halloween...

MixTaste : Actually Huizenga

Actually Huizenga is not only adorable. She's a wonderful and generous performer. A beautiful voice. Sensitive and sensual. Animal and sexual. She's a perfect and iconic diva. A true one.

The Cougar Crisis Fall On It Maxxx

Time for the cougar to celebrate a new season...