SqwelschShow #10


01.Anna Sjaelv Tredje "Inkomster Utanfoer Tiden (intro)"
02.Jean-Luc Ponty "Ethereal Mood"
03.Mandingo "Invocation To The Gods"
04.Steve Hillage "Open"
05.Arpadys "Funky Bass"
06.Tom Scott "Burundi Bump"
07.Donovan "The Fat Angel"
08.Mistral "Starship 109"
09.Luke "I Love You (Frontera dub mix)"
10.Sylvester "I Need Somebody To Love Tonight"
11.Farah "Law Of Life"
12.Hot Blood "Blackmail"
13.Gary Numan "Random (instrumental)"
14.Crossover "Extensive Care"
15.Brian Eno "No One Receiving"
16.Ruins "Short Wave"
17.Studio "Life's A Beach"
18.Yello "Bimbo"
19.Nina Hagen "African Reggae"
20.Mountain Of One "Can't Be Serious"
21.Treva Whateva "Musc's Made Of Memories"
22.Francis Lai "Scène D'amour"

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