SqwelschShow #13


01.Athmosphere introduction
02.Fabio Frizzi "La Paura,Liberazione"
03.Mike Oldfield "Turbular Bells"
04.Roky Erickson "Night Of The Vampire"
05.The Fuzztones "Fear"
06.Goblins "Ai Margini Della Follia (alternate)"
07.Goblins "L'Alba Dei Morti Viventi"
08.Boris Karloff "The Haunted Stranger (presentation)"
09.Quiet Village "Circus Of Horrors"
10.Ralph Lundsten "Horrorscope"
11.The Simpsons Halloween Special
12.Danny Elfman "This Is Halloween"
13.Driving Stupid "Horror Asparagus Stories"
14.The Vamps "Disco Blood (part two)"
15.Hot Blood "Terror On The Dancefloor"
16.Ashra "Club Cannibal"
17.Methusalem "Zombie"
18.Hot Ice,H.Manfredini & M.Zager "Friday The 13th Part 3"
19.Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind "Opening Theme From The Shining"
20.Screaming Lord Sutch "Jack The Ripper"
21.Goblins "Suspiria"
22.Sonic Youth "Halloween"
23.John Carpenter "Halloween theme"

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