SqwelschShow #14


[Another Mix Bites The Dust] by ExplodingFrogs

01.Vanilla Fudge "Mefchant - The Game Is Over (excerpt)"
02.Flash & The Pan "Make Your Own Cross"
03.Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel "Innocence & Guilt"
04.Swell Maps "Gunboats"
05.Dashiell Hedayat "Fille De L'Ombre"
06.Alan Parsons Project "The Raven"
07.Bobby Conn "Mr. Lucky"
08.Peter Gabriel "Intruder"
09.Shriekback "Sway"
10.Matias Aguayo ft Max Turner "De Papel"
11.George Kranz "Din Da Da [extended]"
12.SPK "Mouth To Mouth"
13.Blancmange "All Things Are Nice (version)"
14.Ultravox "Hiroshima Mon Amour"
15.Vanilla Fudge "Mefchant - The Game Is Over (excerpt)"
16.Skaldowie "Z Kopyta Kulig Rwie"

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