SqwelschShow #17

[First Tasting mix] by Töfu

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01.Intro [Camille St-Saens "The Carnaval Of Animals" excerpt]
02.Grace Jones "Nipple To The Bottle (12"mix)"
03.Glass Candy "High B"
04.Bhagwan Love Example "Sneak Attack (Idjust Boys mix)"
05.Pink Project "Radio Project"
06.Century Orchestra "Gorila (King Of The Jungle)"
07.The Human League "Toyota City"
08.Tantra "A Place Called Tarot (Idjut Boys remix)"
09.Pluton & Humanoids "World Invaders"
10.Chris Craft "Image"
11.Barbara Norris "It's Heavy"
12.Spandau Ballet "Chant N°1 (12"mix)"
13.Dharma "Plastic Doll (12"mix)"
14.LCD Soundsystem "Someone Great (Eli Dubby mix)"
15.Armando "Downfall"
16.!!![Chk Chk Chk] "Heart Of Hearts (Kaos hoh mix)"
17.Syclops "MonkeyPuss"
18.Shock "Dream Games / R.E.R.B."
19.Prinzhorn Dance School "You Are The Space Invader (Optimo Espacio remix)"

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