SqwelschShow #18

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[Darkly Smiling Mix] by ExplodingFrogs

01.Julian Fane "Youth Cadet"
02.Michaela Melian "Brautlied"
03.Pantha Du Prince "Saturn Strobe"
04.Apparat "Useless Information"
05.The Field "Mobilia"
06.Icehouse "Paradise Lost"
07.Alien Sex Fiend "Spies"
08.Shriekback "Evaporation"
09.SPK "The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice"
10.Tangerine Dream "The Circulation Of Events"
11.Klimek "Let The Snakes Crinkle Their Heads To Death"
12.Hecate's Angels "Purdah Party"
13.Chris & Cosey "Haunted Heroes"
14.Burial "Dog Shelter"
15.Severed Heads "Godsong"
16.Ike Reiko "..."
17.Kepone "Idiot Ball Drop"
18.Wall Of Voodoo "Granma's House"
19.Devastations "The Pest"
20.David Was "Chow Main Street"

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