Someone's Scratching At My Door

This is Halloween mix made by Paul Jung and it is not necessarily a nightmare's soundtrack !!!
But,a fine selection of devil's tunes....Don't be afraid ;)
[62'-160kbps-71,9] Download

01.Les Baxter "Baron Blood"
02.Hecate's Angel "Rosemary's Baby"
03.Janie Jones "Witch In White"
04.Goblin "School At Night (Music Box)"
05.Arthur Brown "Devil's Grip"
06.Screaming Lord Sutch "All Black & Hairy"
07.Specimen "Dead Man's Autochop"
08.The Revillos "Voodoo 2"
09.Ennio Morricone "Black Glove Underground Part One"
10.Alessandro Alessandroni "Vocalisation"
11.Blue Öyster Cult "Joan Crawford"
12.Alice Cooper "He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)"
13.Boeing Duveen & Beautiful Soup "Jabberwock"
14.Joe Meek "Glob Waterfall"
15.Black Sabbath "The Wizard"
16.Stelvio Cipriani "La Bambina E Il Catello (Celesta Sola)"
17.The Leather Nun "Godzilla Is Back"
18.Rocky Erikson "I Walked With A Zombie"
19.Bruno Nicolai "Occhi"
20.Lucifer's Friend "Prince Of Darkness"
21.Golden Earring "The Devil Made Me Do It"
22.Lubos Fiser "In Flames"
23.Nazareth "Witchdoctor Woman"
24.Libra "Il Fantasmo Il Suona Il Piano"
26.Les Baxter "Baron Blood"

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