MixTaste : Os Ovni

A love for Strange Synthesized Pop brought Os Ovni together by way of Omebi Velouria and Logan Owlbeemoth in the unreality realms of Austin, TX 2010. Answering Machine Recordings is releasing a 7'' in October with artwork by master psych artist Owleyes.

Keep looking up...the sky is electric. hidden. The songs below represent some influential tunes on the creative work of Os Ovni.

01. Haruomi Hosono - Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
" The unused theme song for Miyazaki's Nausicaa anime. The atmosphere is saturated with anger and this tune should cure it. Go back to yr jungle. This is not yr world. "

02. Medio Mutante - Another Land
"Making out in a 88th dimension matrix field never sounded so good. The perfect song for sci-fi romantic sunsets occuring for the rest of yr life."

03. Guyers Connection - La Transformation
" Timeless swirl, boiled vox garbles and other galaxy jumping modulation in a perfect instant. Dont blink. "

04. Space Lady - Too Much To Dream
" Ultra Time Travel Destination: Visiting The Space Lady play her lovely minimalist angelic dream psych Casio-powered songs while walking down a street in San Francisco in the 1980's. "

05. Drinking Electricity - Discord Dancing
" Suddenly stumbling into a 3am dance party in the garage. Do you have a choice? Not with that anxious synthesizer beat attacking yr body's third eye."

06. Legend of Zelda Theme on Theremin
"Secret is in the tree at the dead-end."

07. Valerie Dore - Get Closer
" Lost in the void. Fell into a vortex. Thankfully this song was playing over and over. "

08. Ruth - Polaroid / Roman / Photo
" The heart-field tone cruisers in search of neon lit universes were turned on all nite by the pulsating arpeggiators frozen in secret skating rinks located within moon bases electrified light-years round. "

09. Solid Space - Destination Moon
" Fantastic memories of melodic youthful imagination shaped in beautiful blurry lo-fi pop gems formed outside the modern frame of buzz-portals and retro-cuddles. "

10. Psychic Youth - Future Is Now
" Look around you......walking down the street wondering what it all means. Trust them when the chorus captures yr depressed, tired ghost and kills it. "

11. Poeme Electronique -The Echoes Fade
" An overload of translucent kisses haunting yr NYC cable access soul stuck in the shadows of a strange time-warp of no sleep, no exit, no way. "

12. Spectrum -Feel Like Im Slipping Away
" We love swimming in the unknown depths of constant holographic drones and reality shifting oscillators poured slowly over our ears. Anytime. Yr place or ours? "

Download Os Ovni MixTaste (12 tracks unmixed)
Bonus : "The Water" video made by Seth Nemec


Stephanie Bonham said...

Great mix!

Anonymous said...

the mix builds well. congrats!