2010: Italo Continuum

I have always liked italo tracks. All the great synth tunes, with massive bass lines, vocoders... So, I decided make up a compilation of these fantastic instrumental versions, being amazed at how some of those tracks sound wonderful and even better without the lyrics!
Today we give you a carefully chosen compilation of some of the best italo instrumentals, and the amazing artwork by our friend Corrinne Töfü! Take an epic, space journey into Italo Continuum!

01. Casco - Cybernetic Love (dub version)
02. Steel Mind - Bad Passion (Instrumental)
03. Piano Fantasia - Song for Denise (dub version)
06. Klein & MBO - Wonderfull (instrumental)
07. Faxe - Time for changes (instrumental)
08. Louis - Pink Footpath (instrumental)
09. Danny Keith - Keep on Music (instrumental)
10. Amnesie - Turas (instrumental)
11. Purple Flash - We can make it (instrumental)
12. Laser Cowboys - Ultra Warp (Final Conflict)


DJG said...

Great selections, Sunny! I particularly favor the instrumental tracks. Purple Flash has always been a special one for me!

Sunny Side Up said...

Thank you, DJG ;) Thinking now about Vol. 2 ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice work! - kimtv