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The 8th MixTaste opens gate between dream and reality. Standing on the doorstep is Valentina Mushy, talented musician came from Italy. A very productive artist, involves herself in some successful collaborations making 'perceptual and visual memories... 
...where are living ancient dreams, legends and the personal psychycodrama'. Mushy new releases includes Clan Destine Records new split/tape with Drugs for Drunks and a new track on the forthcoming Cosmotropia De Xam's witch house's compilation called Tarot. She's also a part of roman new wave band Winter Severity Index. Valentina shares her favourites and invites us to the other side of known by teasing our reasoning. "These tracks have constructed a part of my musical conscience and also part of my project. Let’s enjoy them!". Impressive, deep and intriguing it will make you think of soul matters and deep space, how you ended up here and is it reality what it seems? We are very proud to present you Mushy Mixtaste as a soundtrack of dreams on full moon night.

01. DsorDne – Terra Del Fuoco
“This is my favourite Italian industrial project of 80s. This track, spacey and minimal, inspired me a lot for my project.”

02. Virgin Prunes – Ulakanakulot & Decline and Fall
“It was been the first track I’ve listened to about this genre. It let makes me change.”

03. Litfiba – Il Canto Dei Latini
“Strings machines all over my heart.”

04. Diamanda Galas – Sono L’Anticristo
“She made me want to play.”

05. Mauro Pelosi – Suicidio
“He’s an almost unknown Italian prog rock musician. The entire album is really good, it sounds so dark and surreal.”

06. Nico – Janitor Of Lunacy
“I’ve discovered her, long long time ago, just reading a book where her voice was described as sweet desperate litany. I was been soon immediately captured.”

07. Five Or Six – In Costruction
“Love at first listening. This song is distorted, dissociated, lovely, intimate, sensual, celebral…All that I love.”

08. Attrition – Behind Innocence, Lies
“Listen to it into the dark, loud, then you can tell me what you have seen.”

09. Tangerine Dream – Zeit
“I could not live without.”

10. Jonny Teardrop – Sanctuary
“I believe in this project, so great. I think it will go on so fast.”

11. Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia
“I ran away from home for going to see them. Teenage times!”

12. The Sound - I Can't Escape Myself
“No more words!”

Download Mushy MixTaste (12 tracks unmixed)
Bonus Track: Mushy - Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

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