Pinky Violence

Pinky Violence is the Japanese phenomenon of sexy action-exploitation thrillers begun in late 60s modifying it's way through 70s to the untouchable position of cult. Films usualy featured female yakuzas and girl boss guerillas...
...duking it out for their freedom creating eroticism in conjunction with violent and action-filled stories.
Except nudity and badass girls, Pinky Violence films brought with it mutated sounds spiced with eroticism and with it build unique cinema direction and recognisable music. In Pinky Violence compilation are featuring sounds from series of movies like Female Prisoner Scorpion, Girl Boss, Stray Cat Rock and Terrifying Girls' High School. Beautiful instrumentals and soft and teasing voices of pink stars will for short time of compilation put you in exciting dimension of Pinky Violence films!Plus check official released LP compilation Killing Melody!

Kaburagi Hazime - Stray Cat Rock Sex Hunter OST
Petite M'Amie - Shower
Unknown Artist - Delinquent Girl Boss OST
Taguchi Kumi - Kojin Jyugyou Yori Ai No Tema
Kaburagi Hazime - Stray Cat Rock Sex Hunter OST
Miki Sugimoto vs Reiko Ike - Thai Man Woman Leader game M-5
Yukiko Kuwabara - Weak Point
Meiko Kaji - Shu Urami Bushi


Anonymous said...

the UNKNOWN Artist from Delinquent Girl Boss is ... TOSHIAKI TSUSHIMA ... cheers

▼▲▼▲ said...

Thank you!! :)