MixTaste : Violet Tremors

For this new mixtaste we asked the LA's beautiful darkwave synth duo Violet Tremors (Jessica White and Lorene Simpson) to share their favourite songs with us. They say: "We are figures of the past living in Science Fiction.

We speak technically in outdated forms of communication. Our sound is a French New Wave film. We think Enlightenment is the savvy of the street-side quack. Enjoy the soundtrack of past dimension...mid to late 80s Houston, Texas - when our teenage angst and isolation left the bedroom and hit the dance floors of Beejay's, Visions, #'s (Numbers), Power Tools, NRG, Clubhouse, & Phazez (San Antonio)."

01. Fad Gadget - Lady Shave
Lorene: “Poppers in the girl’s room.”

02. Book Of Love - Lost Souls
Both: “Visions & NRG!!.. Capri Classic 100 Ultra Lights and clove cigarettes twirling around on the dance floor!”

03. Skinny Puppy - Glass Houses
Jessica: “Overall, this band holds many of my most memorable club experiences - on the dance floor and also live shows. Glass Houses was the SP song I’d requested most.”

04. Tones On Tail - Performance (7inch mix)
Both: “When this song came on you kind of entered you own world.”

05. Ministry - Revenge
Jessica: “Lorene and I both got this first on cassette from Hastings music store in the Galleria. I picked it up because I liked the artwork. It became one of my favorite albums at the time.”

06. U.K. Vision - Lucifer's Friend (12inch mix)
Lorene: “This was a song was a #s fav. I never knew the name of it until recently. Thank you internets!”

07. Clan Of Xymox - Stranger (re-mix)
Jessica: “Love this song, I can’t think of Clan of Xymox without recalling the time in 88’... My friend, and I told her parents we would mow the lawn at her beach house that weekend. We loaded the lawn mower in the car and took off to #s to see Xymox. I don’t remember the show as much as the great friends I met that night that had come in from San Antonio... Oh, the stories that lawn mower could tell.”

08. Depeche Mode - It's Called A Heart (12inch mix)
Lorene: “I snuck out to see them in 87’ at Astroworld Amusement Park.”

09. John Foxx - Underpass
Both: “Medusa on the dance floor.....haaaaaa!”

10. OMD - Enola Gay
Jessica: “Ah, dancing to OMD was the heart of some of my earliest club experiences... Extacy and all kind of inhalants being sold by cigarette girls and right on the dance floor. Feeling like I totally knew who I was... Connecting so strongly to the music feeling so amazing and also, totally alone. Dazzle Ships helped make me who I am today :)

11. The Sisterhood - Giving Ground
Lorene: “This song reminds me of coming down in my bedroom after sneaking out to the club. Except for the night I came home to find my window had been nailed shut. That night, I just stood outside the front door for hours wondering if I dared knock...”

12. The Normal - TVOD
Both: “Dancing, leather jackets and Poison perfume... Ha haa haaaa!”

13. Bolshoi - Away
Lorene: “I remember dancing by a mime doing the ‘I’m in a box’ to this song....Ha ha!”

Download Violet Tremors MixTaste (13 tracks unmixed)
Bonus Track: Violet Tremors - Violet Trance
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DJG said...

great mix! some serious all time favorites here!