Suoni Dalle Ombre Oltre

Here's something for the horror-disco lover in all of us. I bought this from Danny Wolfers in Austin, TX in early 2005. TLR, Speculator, Orgue Electronique and of course, Legowelt were on the Creme Organization/ Bunker USA tour.
He told me that this was a "lost" sound track to a 1983 Italian horror film that was never released. That intrigued me enough to buy it without listening. It was too good to be true (I am not sure it actually is! ) This record would not sound out of place in a Carpenter or Fulci film of that era. The 12" release is still available through Juno Records. Enjoy this slow-mo treat just in time for Halloween! -DJG

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seandonson said...

Dude! You didnt tell me you bought it FROM Wolfers.