Something incredible has caught my ear today. A true space disco gem from USSR by the name of ARGO (the full name of the bend is Electronic music group ARGO). It was formed by one of the greatest modern Lithuanian composers...
... Giedrius Kuprevicius who got interested in electronic music in the 70s. This is how he described it: "The predominance of electronics in the creative work of the group bears out our desire to master and artistically interpret the possibilities of modern musical instruments. We are the first who are entrusted with testing the Vilnius-5 model of a new electronic organ. We are sure of good prospects of the instrument". DISCOPHONY consists as if of two musical layers: disco-intended for entertainment and based on dance rhythms, and -phony-music for listening with predominating, electronic sound". The vocal part is interpreted in an instrumental way. Julius Vilnonis, the leader of the ARGO group, makes his debut with one of the compositions (A3). Enjoy this simply magnificent piece of music. Hope you like it as much as we do!

Argo - Discophonia - A1
Argo - Discophonia - A3

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