Ex Yu Psychodelic November

The weather is unpleasantly changing, memories of sunny days starts to be painfully melancholic. Gray, wet and chilly november is here. So for the sake of feeling better we prepared mini autumn psychodelic ex yu compilation...
...in line of our other compilations of this scene, to lead you through gloomy days and make you embrace november in full beauty of dying nature. Memories of warm or trips into experimental sounds, sentish or hard this compilation will remind us once again of beauty and richness of Ex Yu musical scene while taking you through psychodelic 70s and ambiental 80s. Enjoy!

Hobo - Srebro (1975)
Rex Ilusivii - Alisa (1987)
Laboratorija Zvuka - Sve je to bilo u prolece (1978)
Djordje Ilijin - Natashi (1983)
Igra Staklenih Perli - Majestetski Kraj (1979)
Slomljena Stakla - Senke U Noci (1984)
Valentino - Vostane Figure (1983)

And for all lovers of Ex Yu scene or for those who just became that, you can check awsome Hikonline's EX YU collectors channel on you tube.

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Ana said...

And another great and completely new to me mix.

I'm so glad I ran across you blog!