Ready Steady Go with Paolo XZ !!

Paolo XZ is a super productive action guy from Brooklyn, NY working on audiotools and computers days & nights. When he's not publishing crazy mixes on his blog Astro Nautico (name of his CKUT radio show that started in early 2008)...
... he makes musical joints under names like Sifunk & Garmunkle, +w€€d, ... and smooth collaborations with Obey-City & Kuhn. When i asked him for a guest mix, he just prepared a debut release under his name for the Veronica Vasicka's Minimal Wave Parent Label Cititrax (planned for the early next year). U can also check his private cesspool @ Fatdudes. Hope he still have time to make his fantastic mixes forever filling space with awesome tunes and super heroes/lovers performances. He made a fabulous one for us with 18 amazing tracks combined in 31mins! Ready steady and go. Enjoy!

Paolo XZ - SqwelschMixxxx

01. Frankie Knuckles with Jamie Principle - Your Love
02. Anti-Matter - Infatuation
03. Transparent Illusion - We
04. Shicksal - Saturday
05. I.M.S. - Run Away (The Robot Scientists instrumental edit)
06. Flow & Andrew - Japanese Girls
07. Egyptian Lover - The Alezby Inn (vocal vacancy)
08. Minimal Man - To Hold You
09. India Crossin' - Times S.Q.
10. Artistic Control - Fallen Angel
11. Videosex - Neonska Reklama II
12. Paolo - Fantastico (instrumental)
13. Klein & M.B.O. - Dirty Talk
14. Legowelt - Zebradance
15. Two Of A Kind - Happiness (dub)
16. hugh masakela - Don't Go Lose it baby (dub)
17. Oliver Onions - Boat Theme
18. Elly Brown - Don't Hang Up

Bonus Track : Paolo XZ - Moon Beach (w/Lolita)

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