Electrocute Me Softly

Remember the feeling when you first touched the one you loved? The electric flow running through your body, making you feel all melted and high? It's such a shame you didn't have this compilation as the soundtrack for that moment!

PS Or if you ever choose to be electrocuted, you might also want it in the background :D

01. Carol - So Low
02. Captain Mustard - Quiet Move
03. The Art of Noise - Moments in Love
04. The Field - Everybody's Got to Learn Sometimes
05. Tones on Tail - You, the Night and the Music
06. Decadence - On and on
07. Sizike - Svemirski Cistac
08. Tony Wilson - Hangin' Out in Space
09. Moderne - Vers L'est
10. Trisomie 21 - La Fete Triste

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to substitute this TOT track


Sunny Side Up said...

A great one, too!

Anonymous said...

no more available on MF. repost ?

Cozsmic Töfü said...

Here it is:.. http://www.mediafire.com/?i8w6h9488n12iav