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Hello again and welcome in a world of Ex Yu sounds! We came to the end of journey through Ex Yu flavours and for big finale we prepared exciting compilation as a prequel of previous Synth compilations we made. This one is filled with demos and tunes of early 80s...
... combining different directions and creating complex image of music events of  that period. Like in a rest of Europe, begining of 80s bring many cultural changes and important events like New Wave that made good ground for events that came after it. In Yugoslavia that was Yu Wave, movement of various cultural events trhough 80s that emerged from New Wave. New Wave lasted short (started in the end of 70s and ended already during 1980. year) but it was very socialy accepted and had huge impact on culture, big media support and support of authorities contrary to lyrics that were criticizing regime. It was closely related with Yugoslav Punk Scene and in legacy left definition of New Wave as Golden Age of pop and rock scene and as a proof of success there were notable compilations like Novi Pank ValPaket AranžmanArtistička Radna AkcijaSvi Marš Na Ples! and Vrući Dani i Vrele Noći.

Movement stopped in 1980. year together with Rokenroler show (main media promoter of new wave) which was now replaced by more attractive show  Hit Meseca (Hit of The Month, Yugoslav version of Top Of The Pops). Different media times came promoting new ways in culture and music emerged from new wave, unconsciously supporting creation of new cultural phenomen recognised now as Yu Wave. It was period of new directions, new styles and technological novelties. Realisation of new ideas started with one of the most controversial performances from begining of  80s made by 'father' of pop image and style, Oliver Mandić, who's  presented as a solo artist for first time in an avantgarde show Belgrade At Night which main subject was promotion of videos for newcoming albums. Public was shocked with Oliver's transvestite performances but show and videos claimed huge succeses and got published on VHS. 

Big media supporter of new coming scene was also Ventilator 202, radio show broadcasting on radio Beograd 202. It was notable for its promotion of local demo music (Demo top 10 Ventilator 202, 3 compilations in period 1983-85), early application of computers and introduction of "absolute radio" concept. 

Also cinema played important role as a reflector of popular culture documenting events like transition of cultures and integrating music scene in it's opus. One of the films that on the best way presents atmosphere of Titoism and new wave is Dečko Koji Obećava  (1981, known as  'The Promising Boy' with appearance of Dušan Kojić Koja from Šarlo Akrobata).  Yu Wave representers are films like Davitelj Protiv Davitelja (1984, known as 'Strangler vs. Strangler' with appearance of Srđan Šaper from  Idoli), Šećerna Vodica (1983, music by Via Talas), Crna Marija (1986, known as Black Marija) considered as Yu Trash (appearance of Milan Mladenović from EKV) and others.

Looking from present moment it is possible to consider one whole decade of various events as some kind of wave cause it was so brutaly interrupted, finished and burried in the begining of 90s with secession of Yugoslavia and events that came after it. But while lasting it put inside many different music genres (Post Punk, Art Rock, Synth Pop, New Romantic, Neue Slowenische Kunst, Neo-Rockabilly) making scene flourish for almost a decade!

In Ex Yu Wave compilation we collected our favourite classics and demos emerged from New Wave and it's ideology.  Idea of this compilation was to present transition period between New Wave and popular culture combining sounds from both directions.  With some names u meet again and with some this is first encounter like Klinička smrt. Antički Poroci of Klinička Smrt was never published anywhere. Track was recorded in 1982,  Singer was Mirjana Blagojević and creator Dejan Novčić who played  synthesizer, rythm machine, bass and synar and done complete music and arrangement. After some time on this project Dejan Novčić makes Oskarova Fobija, synth duo active in mid 80s. Oskarova Fobija will feature very soon on Synth compilation under Minimal Wave label and they plan release of 2 LPs of unreleased demos!  Good times are coming for Ex Yu scene where she's finally recognised as important factor in history of music and what was completely forgoten starts to recive it's previous glow. We hope you agree with us and that this compilation will take you, once again, through exciting music journey of Ex Yu Sounds! Enjoy! 


01. Prljavo kazalište - Crno Bijeli Svijet (1980)
02. Laki Pingvini - Možda, Možda [Demo] (1982)
03. Berlinen Strasse - Maske [Demo] (1983)
04. Klinička Smrt - Antički Poroci [Demo] (1982)
05. Borghesia - On (1985)
06. Vanila Pakt - Andaluzija [Demo] (1984) 
07. Šarlo Akrobata - Niko Kao Ja (1981)
08. Xenia - Iznenadi Me (1983)
09. 39 Legija - Smisao [Demo] (1983)
10. Belo belo - Ružičasta Bluza [Demo] (1984)
11. Denis & Denis - Gluhi Telefoni [Demo] (1983)
12. Beograd - Opasne Igre (1983)
13. Haustor - Šejn (1985)
14. Propaganda - 18. Novembar (1982)
15. EKV - Kad Krenem Ka (1984)
16. Slađana Milošević - Das Licht Von Kairo (Svetla Kaira) (1984)

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