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For this new MixTaste we proud to welcome Seth Nemec the man behind the exciting Medio Mutante (with Mariana Saldaña & José Cota) and Low Red Center. Living in Texas he's also the guy of the situation on analog synthesizers...
... (He is the co-founder of Bananalogue, working and producing analog modular machines) and a deemed video maker using old composite video hardware to release beautiful experimental works (see his YT channels here & here). Let him speak of his mix and enjoy his great selection of some classics and amazing bunch of minimal goodies..
"Its impossible for me to pick 12 favorite songs, but here are a few that were definitely influential on me:

01. Kraftwerk - Autobahn
      ..i first heard this song on AM radio sitting in a parked car in a snowstorm when i was 6. Kraftwerk, Perrey-Kinglsey and Wendy Carlos were the sounds that sparked my curiosity about electronic music that has lasted a lifetime..
02. Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle - Your Love
      ..perfect example of the feedback loop between american and european electronic music, creating something that transcends place and time. inspirational.. 
03. Front 242 - Don't Crash
      ..one of my favorite jams by one of my favorite bands. are they doing the Luc Van Acker trick of playing a guitar through a korg ms20 here? what the heck was up with belgium in the 80s?!..
04. Haas-Bartel CHBB - Go Go Go
      ..i am a fan of every project Chrislo Haas was involved in, especially the ones where he runs W.C. Fields through a tape delay..
05. Aviador Dro - Programa En Espiral
      ..opening for El Aviador Dro on their first american tour was a great honor. they are dedicated comic book nerds, and their lyrics are truly fantastic!..
06. Solid Space - 10th Planet
      ..prodigious and sincere sci-fi tracks that belies their youth. love that you could order this cassette from the back of judge dredd comics!..
07. Absolute Body Control - Pictures On The Wall
      ..another band that was a huge influence on my development and who i was lucky enough to play with on their american tour. they found it amusing that we were playing live with so many unreliable analog synths..
08. Tone Set - Living In Another Land
      ..i like the simplicity and suburban weirdness of tone set. they sit alongside other american greats like gleaming spires, art interface, futurisk and experimental products..
09. Oviformia - Teletipo
      ..another band from the post-fascist explosion of creativity in madrid. this has one of my favorite melodies ever, simultaneously effervescent and body rocking..
10. Duotronic Synterror - Schmerz
      ..best band name ever. best song ever..
11. Arvid Tuba - The Seasons Are Sitting
      ..Tuba's cassettes are an interesting mix of brutality and poetry..
12. JVC Force - Strong Island
      ..minimal but evocative, a powerful combination. i had to include a hip-hop song in my influences as old school rap was a big part of my life growing up."

Download Seth Nemec MixTaste (12 tracks unmixed)

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