DJG here. I have a short portion of a DJ set done on February 26, 2011. Myself and Brian Bishop, a fellow DJ & electronic music specialist, set out for the stars on this date live from Pastime Tavern in Dallas, Texas. The guiding aesthetic theme was "retro-futurism".
The music included all things "cosmic" (i.e. space disco, italo, electro & classic synthscapes). We were also looking to give hommage to Salvatore Cusato (Casco) who recently passed away. The recording of this set began at the beginning of the night, but unfortunately, something happened & the last half of our set was not documented... Down here in Texas, we get a bit wild. I'm sure somebody's dancing boot spur got caught in the cable and it got yanked out from the mixer ;)

I hope you enjoy this voyage. Stay tuned for further installments of NEUROMANCE.

Download NEUROMANCE: DJG + Brian Bishop DJ set from the TechnoSports International portal.

(Feel free to read me waxing conceptually about this gig halfway down this page. It is an interview with a web zine that covers life in Dallas, TX.).

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