X-Rated Tunes

It was a time where to make a porn film  was a serious thing. Particular care was given to all the details to make a film really exciting for the viewers. A movie where it is not only a question of performances and sizes.
A story where the actors were often dressed before taking action. Unthinkable today. For lots of reasons we can consider the golden age of american porn between the Mitchell Brothers "Behind The Green Door" in 1972 and 1985 year of  Gregory Dark's cult New Wave Hookers release and the scandalous story about Traci Lords and her underage during the shooting. Between these little more than 10 years, a numerous great films are made. A couple of real stars appears, a new kind of entertainment and a very lucrative industry born.

Among all the important stuffs to make an attractive porn on this era, the music played a real important role on the process. Original soundtrack or mostly from the golden mine of library music and soul's exploitation scores. We try here with this compilation to celebrates that period of erotic porn eXcellence's with  the most representative cuts from that era. From the "uncredited" muzak choosing by Gerard Damiano for the opening scene of Deep Throat with Linda Lovelace to the original score created by the US latino punk band The Plugz for New Wave Hookers (appears for the first time here and right now). 

You'll also hear some film music away from their original destinations like this track of Isaac Hayes originally composed for the blaxploitation classic "Truck Turner" or Alan Tew's score of the 70's British TV series "The Hanged Man" using in "The Satisfiers Of Alpha Blue" and also in "Wanda Whips Wall Street". Some disco tracks using many times in the second part of the seventies. Of course, few beautiful and original soundtracks especially composed for the films Cafe Flesh [Mitchel Froom], The Devil In Miss Jones [Alden Shuman] and among some others the legendary music composed by Roger Hamilton Spotts for Tongue the first blaXploitation porn film in 1976. Finally some famous songs complete the set. Like that cover of Johnny Cash remodeled by Wall Of Voodoo amazingly used in NightDreams. And some original songs like this one recorded and sung by the famous Marilyn Chambers herself in 1980 for Insatiable.

So here more than twenty tracks celebrated the most eXcited period in the american adult films process. This compilation is dedicated for a mature connoisseur audience. Enjoy these eXplicit vibes.

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01. DEEP THROAT (1972) Driving With Linda
02. ODYSSEY: THE ULTIMATE TRIP (1977) Mike Vickers - Retribution
03. FANTASY ISLAND (1979) John Cameron - Heat Haze
04. THE SATISFIERS OF ALPHA BLUE (1980) Tew Hangman - The Peterman
05. SLAVE OF PLEASURE (1978) Isaac Hayes - Pursuit of the Pimpmobile
06. WANDA WHIPS WALL STREET (1982) Alan Tew - Hanged Man
07. ODYSSEY: THE ULTIMATE TRIP (1977) Alan Parker - Ice Breaker
08. TONGUE (1976) Roger Hamilton Spotts - Tongue
09. BABY FACE (1977) Leon Paul-Phillips - Ealing Broadway
10. THE SATISFIERS OF ALPHA BLUE (1980) Tew Hangman - The Heist
11. CANDI GIRL (1979) Montana - V.M.4
12. SUMMERTIME BLUE (1979) Erotic Drum Band - Plug Me To Death
13. BON APPETIT (1980) -  Alan Hawkshaw - Strangelands
14. AMERICAN DESIRE (1981) Hillary Dellman & Roy Stuart - Ready To Fly
15. THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES (1973) Alden Shuman - The Teacher
16. ODYSSEY: THE ULTIMATE TRIP (1977) Johnny Pearson - Sleepy Shores
17. INSATIABLE (1980) Marilyn Chambers - Shame On You
18. HOT RACKETS (1979) Gerhard Trede - Mirror Fantasy
19. NIGHTDREAMS (1981) Wall Of Voodoo - Ring Of Fire
20. NEW WAVE HOOKERS (1985) The Plugz - Electrify Me
21. SQUALOR MOTEL (1985) Vida Slann - Squalor Motel main titles
22. CAFE FLESH (1982) Mitchel Froom - Thrill Factor
23. NEW WAVE HOOKERS (1985) The Socketz - New Wave Hookers
24. BONUS TRACK - Mike Vickers - Retribution [Alternative Version]


gretiloo said...

love it thankyou...!i have some memorable quotes of some memorable movies...

1.deep throat: "having a clitoris deep down at the bottom of your throat is better than having no clitoris at all"- dr.young

2.the satisfiers of alfa blue: "i mean, sandra chase, famous model, is sucking on my pee pee, Who's going to believe it?"-. Artie

3blonde ambition:"there is nothing like a riot in a fag bar and a night in the slammer to ensure a showbiz immortality"-Narrator



Thank you so much for posting all this!!!!

Rafarelli said...

This is amazing good!
Fanks yeah!