MixTaste : Jewels Of The Nile

The second MixTaste season starts with the L.A.'s electro girls of Jewels Of The Nile.. Formed early in 2010 by Meghan Christine and Jessy Montaigne (and later joined by Amity Givens).
They just finish a succesfull and exciting European tour and released right now a first album full of their gorgeous dark electronics melodies on Desire Records & Sweating Tapes. This is their 13 personnal and favourite gems..

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01.Tuxedomoon - No Tears
"My favorite song to DJ, essential in my set! (Jessy)"
02.Mellow Grave - Melatonin
"One of my favorite new bands of 2010, layers of beats, synths, this song is heavy and evil. (Meghan)"
03.Bunny Rabbit - Pussy Queen
"I don't know man...this girl had me at pink ponies (Amity)"
04.Cosmetics - Soft Skin
"Cosmetics' sound is sexy and sultry, this is probably my favorite of their songs that are currently released. (Meghan)"
05.Tones On Tail - Performance (..Shake..)
"Something about this song has been infectious since I was a teenager - it still has the same effect on me every time I listen to it. (Jessy)"
06.Adult. - Hand To Phone (Cordless mix)
"The mix of synths and distorted vocals in this song is infectious and beautiful. (Meghan)"
07.Cabaret Voltaire - I Want You (12inch)
"I love anything with the words FREAK and SHAKE in it (Amity)"
08.Duchess Says - Black Flag
"This is a supreme example of less is more...Trick beat, fucked up lyrics, video is genius (Amity)"
09.Section 25 - Looking From A Hilltop
"Classy ride. this song is eternal for me. i stole this album after my teen break up..had to have it (Amity)"
10.Geneva Jacuzzi - Group Dynamic
"Stylish and offbeat, amazing vocals and lyrics, totally new-wave. (Meghan)"
11.Hearts Revolution - Ultraviolence
"Leyla's distorted vocals over amazing electronic beats and synths, screaming about destruction. (Meghan)"
12.Chris & Cosey - Love Cuts
"Pure sex. (Jessy)"
13.Hanin Elias - Wanting a Machine
"Again, pure sex. (Jessy)"

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Bonus track: Jewels Of The Nile - Spanish Dancers

Jewels Of The Nile by Veronica IBarra

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