The Cougar Crisis Summer Waxxx Job

It's summertime!! Time to relax overbusy brain. Time to tease the beast in each parts of ourselves. Our friend Jean Lunacy give us a perfect companion to reach the top of pleasure
and enjoy this hot season with a warm collection of gems. "..Then you'll spread your wings...And you'll take to the sky..". This is about sex and betrayal. Possibly on a yacht. Definately in the Baths. Life like in a porn! Cheers!! ..And enjoy!!

 Download it here

01. Francis Monkman - Current Affairs
02. Snowy Red - Never Alive
03. Claude Perraudin - Tremplin
04. Angela Bofill - Something About You
05. Geneva Jacuzzi - Love Caboose
06. Tom Hooker - Atlantis
07. Clio - Faces
08. Grace Jones - Suffer
09. Von Spar - Hybolt
10. Dhuo - Chinatype
11. Black Devil Disco Club - One To Choose
12. Sparks - Tryouts For The Human Race (7” Version)
13. Asphixiation - The Crush
14. 18+ - Drawl (Demo Version)

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