MixTaste : [PHYSICS]

We are still in LA for this new MixTaste with our guest Kevin Skyler. Under the name of [PHYSICS], he creates a beautiful mixture of sounds swimming in an ocean of sensitive digital synthwaves.
We are totally addicted by his fantastic debut EP released by Amdiscs. Check also his excellent YouTube channel. This is 12 of his personnal and favourite gems...

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01. Zodiac - Pacific
"First music i remember loving. Used to ask my mom to put on this (latvian) record when i was five or six. i was transfixed by the strange resonance and the futuristic cover; this is the origin of my affinity for synthetic sounds. Pacific was my fave."

02. Missing Persons - If Only For The Moment
"This band was pretty key for me among other mainstream 80s music i was listening to in college, like Thompson Twins, Numan and Naked Eyes. Awesome production, craftsmanship and atmosphere." 

03. Martial Canterel - Steele
"Found out about him through genetic records (germany) around 2005. Love this for the sense of mystery and wistfullness it evokes."

04. TV Set - The City
"Another genetic record i hooked on; love the angular dancing black turtleneck aesthetics."

05. IKO '83 - Gonadotropic Synthesis
"Very key. Perfect synth popsicle."

06. Ceramic Hello - Symphony Of Shudders
"That name and his music totally bring out the geek in me. Genius."

07. Moebius - Sinister
"Einstein of krautrock. Sounds from another world."

08. Pink Industry - Anyone's Fashion
"First heard about them in 95/96. Sexiest music in the galaxy. Hard to pick a fave, like with a lot of these bands. Pink Industry gives me shivers."

09. Wire - Go Ahead
"This song is a vortex to another dimension."

10. Cocteau Twins - Memory Gongs
Cocteau Twins were a key influence that carried me for years. Supreme masters of atmosphere and melody."

11. Lickerish Quartet - Shelter [physics] edit
"I remember this 'striking a chord'. When i was in my 'warp / astralwerks phase.' Pads are key."

12. Love, Inc. - Life's a Gas
"Discovered this track late last year. It propelled me to start physics after a long hiatus of not making music."

Bonus Track : [PHYSICS] - Dextromethorphan

Download [PHYSICS] MixTaste (12 tracks unmixed)

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