The Summer Bundle

We are in the middle of the summer. A perfect time to celebrate it by dancing on the selected sounds of two spanish dj friends.
 On the right, Lola (Lolita's Neverland) turns the power and put the fever in our body with her hot classics. Warm vibrations. On the left, the "edit-killer" dj and vultanian Dynamicron (just released a first great ep) make a special set for us with some of his personnal favourite records (vinyls only). So let's go! On the dancefloor...On the beach...Whatever...Just go celebrate the summer!

Lolita ´s Neverland - Once Upon A Time Between You & I :

   Download it here

01. Gwen MacRae - 90% of Me Is You (Disco Tech edit)
02. Soulpersona - Love Is In Your Eyes
03. Sade - When Am I Going To Make A Living (Poolside edit)
04. The Bee Gees - Love You Inside Out (Cole Medina edit)
05. Poolside - Do You Believe
06. Surface - Falling In Love
07. ...

More Lolita's Neverland

Dynamicron - Dusty Vinyls Rendered :

 Download it here

01. Jan Hammer - Evan
02. Gary Numan - I Die You Die
03. La Union - La Niebla
04. Tha Clash - Tha Cool Out
05. Jackson 5 feat. Mick Jagger - State of Shock (Dance Mix)
06. Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito - Too Hot to Touch
07. Kayak - Keep the Change
08. Eagles - King of Hollywood
09. Terry Britten - We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) Instrumental
10. Donna Summer - Maybe It's Over

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