MixTaste : Actually Huizenga

Actually Huizenga is not only adorable. She's a wonderful and generous performer. A beautiful voice. Sensitive and sensual. Animal and sexual. She's a perfect and iconic diva. A true one.
Living in LA but traveling all over the world. She's everywhere in the same time. In a perpetual creative open mind. Videos, musics, pictures, performance. She never stop to make stuffs. Right now, she just finish a new album of her project ACTUALLY with Chaz Windus. This is her MixTaste..12 tracks she pick to share with us.. 12 tracks to reach the sky with her. Actually ...Absolutely!! ...Thank U!

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01. "Mutant Dancing (Total Recal bar scene)" by Bruno Louchouarn
"Not many people know about Bruno, but the music he did for Total Recal is totally insane. I added him on facebook and asked him to send me more music but he did not send me anything...So I had to capture this music from youtube."

02. "I Know What you Did Last Summer" by La Shark.
"I met these guys in London and I think they are really awesome performers and songwriters. THe lyrics and the structure of this beastly pet make it quite infectious! Love it! It makes me want to act sexy and make the music video."

03."Crying" by Roy Orbison
"I love this song. it sounds like everyone involved is in a lot of pain...not only him but also the instruments and those Tim Burton ladies...its almost too perfect and then you hear the pain in the strain of his voice at the end. Shivers. (that's a good song too...Shivers sung by Nick Cave.)"

04. "Mine" by Actually.
"I thought I should put one of my new songs in here. It goes with the theme of love and loss and sex and sacrifice."

05. "The Chauffer" by Duran Duran
"This is my favorite Double D song. Also an amazing music video...its literally...wow."

06. "Romeo's Distress" by Christian Death
"This song is a really sexy song to dance and fuck and hot tub to. The lyrics are so cool. No one else can make the words "burning crosses on a nigger's lawn" sound so sexy. GAWD..ROZZ!" 

07. "Drawl" by 18+
"This band Rulez!!! look them up on youtube. Youkinda really have to watch the videos when you first hear the music..im kinda cheating by sharing this right now.
So cool and freakin sexy."

08. "Dunkelheit" by Burzum
"I've had a lot of sex in the winter to this song."

09. "Another Tear" by The Frozen Autumn
"These are the goths from the late 80's that a lot of people dont really know about. You can tell that this guy probably had a really awesomely decorated apartment. My sphinx boy Abdi gave me this song a while back and I always see his pretty face and long black hair...through the mist of the beauty of this song."

10. "Midnight, The Stars And You" by Al Bowlly
"This is creepy and romantic at the same time, which I always like."

11. "Do You Wanna Funk?" by Murphy Maxwell
"This is my friend Murphy. He is really talented and made this on garagenband (which i find very impressive because i cant make anything sound good on garageband). He has some very good naked pictures and is very sexual and slutty in person ..the way I like 'em. I made a Christmas song for him to sing on. 
Here is a link if you want to see what he looks like!"

12. "Loved By The Sun" by Tangerine Dream
"And because I want to believe in the good in man...I will leave you with some Tangerine Dream from the movie Legend. But, really everything in this mix is fairly evil.
I look for the evil and the good in man ...cuz they are both very important for good sex."

"Thanks Sqwelsch!"

Download Actually Huizenga MixTaste (12 tracks unmixed)

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