Os Ovni's Halloween Celebration

Just before starting their winter tour Omebi Velouria and Logan Owlbeemoth, our friends from Os Ovni, sent us a tape of their best scary scores to celebrate Halloween...
Beware...Everything look so strange right now...
For all details and infos about the Os Ovni Winter Tour check here.

  Download it here

Os Ovni's Scary Tape program :

Creepshow : Theme : John Harrison : 1982

Is this the creepiest theme for a horror film ever?
If you were a child in the 80's this might be a possibilty.
Even to this day, the sound
of this theme reminds one of truly being
creeped out to the point of turning on every 
light in the house, closing every door, and just sitting
there hoping the shadows didnt have something else
in store for you.


Day of the Dead : Breakdown : John Harrison : 1985

In the future, this will occur. You will be underground
wondering what to do with the above land screaming out
for yr veins and muscle. This melody reminds you
in the beginning theres hope that goes along with the 
danger of achieving that escape and ends it with 
clarity of thought and judgement needed to get there.


Videodrome : Welcome : Howard Shore : 1983

Magnetic noise shifts of completely demented realities
presented in possibly the finest stereophonic
music of gone-wrong hypnotic states this side of Scanner's
soundtracking. Hear, it is not the television screen,
yet the speaker that is the retina of the mind's eye.
Long Live! The New Experimental Audio!


The Thing : Theme : Ennio Morricone : 1982

Heartbeat bass and ominious strings signaling no hope. 
You might never know who yr friend is or who you are.
Thousands of years ago this spaceship crashes, and this thing, 
whatever it is... gets thrown out or crawls out and it ends up
freezing in the ice probaly not in the best of moods.


Near Dark : Theme : Tangerine Dream : 1987

There's somethin' you want to show me? Yeah. The night. 
What about it? It's dark. I noticed. It's so bright, it'll blind you. 
I can't see.  Well, listen. Do you hear it? 
I'm listenin'. I don't hear nothin'. Listen hard. Do you hear it? 
Hear what? The night, it's deafening. 


Pumpkinhead : Theme : Richard Stone : 1988

Sometimes a curse is needed and deserved. Once this curse 
is set you might realize the mistake you have made.
There are things in this world you can call upon
and there are things in this world you should not call upon. 
This music might remind you of the dangers of the sacred
powers available that you will wish you had never stumbled upon.


Night of the Comet : Escape : David Richard Campbell : 1984

The comet speaks in micro-infection of your ears. Not
noticable until you have disapeared. The few that are 
left play Tempest and hang out at FM radio stations 
wondering if they will ever get laid again.
The sun rises and we begin again once more till the end.


Christine Theme : John Carpeneter : Rare 12" Disco version : 1983

Here in my car, I feel safest of all. Until my car becomes jealous 
of my other loves and begins a killing spree or was it me. 
Later that night at the dancehall, jamming to this tune I wondered 
upon it and looked around for love. Knowing outside in the parking lot,
she waited for me. My love.


Lifeforce : Sleeping Vampires : Henry Mancini : 1985

The last thing you want to find while exploring deep space
is a giant spaceship with Vampires that are sleeping. 
Unless yr into that sort of thing? This piece of music
by long time Hollywood film soundtracker Mancini,
sonically completes what this discovery might feel like.
A little spacey, a little scared, a little sleepy... 
not knowing yr second by second future a bit.


Conquest : Claudio Simonetti : 1983


Return of the Living Dead : Theme : Francis Haines : 1985

When this jam kicks in during this excellent zombie
film you know yr in for a damn good time that will
not let you down. With a nod of humour and impending doom.
Is this the music that sparks within a  
zombie's hollow memory while chomping 
down on some human brain? Probably.


Alien Disco Theme : Nostromo : 1979

In Space, No one can hear you dance. No matter what face-hugger
is sucking yr vital fluids, this disco jam will remind you
that what comes afterwards is only lazers and pulsations 
from an unknown pod. Most likely this pod will be built
off obscure roller skate love that no one remembers till


Scanners : End Duel : Howard Shore : 1981

Freak of nature, born with a certain form of ESP; 
derangement of the synapses which we call telepathy. 
You do have a nervous system. And so does a computer. 
And you can scan a computer, as you would another human being. 
After all, brothers should be close, don't you think? 


Friday the 13TH Part 3 : Disco theme : Hot Ice : 1982

Disco at the camp scene where murder revenge must be 
danced upon. Put on yr hockey masks and get down.
Jason is the DJ and yr feet are the victim.
Slash yr way accross the dancefloor and boogie down
with a axe in yr brain.


Nightmare on Elm Street 3 : Puppet Walk : Angelo Badalamenti : 1987

The razor edges sinister in the constant changes
within this puppet walk of this tune are true
to the elevator music in the psychology of this realm. 
Quick, sudden, stabbing, shocking...Angelo didnt let
one down with the fear in hear.


Dawn of the Dead : Theme : Goblin : 1978

Note the slow moving tempo of this song. Its a song for 
zombies to relax in the bath of
human blood or in the wait for some humans to appear. 
This is lounge music for zombies at its finest or possibly
the wait a human has to endear to become a zombie.


The Keep : Sign In The Dark : Tangerine Dream : 1983

You have... death around you. What are you? Where do you come from? 
Where am I from? I am... from You. 
Then what drives people out, in the middle of a rainy night? 
Dreams? Nightmares? Look, man, the real 
nightmares man has made upon other men in this war. The bad dreams 
of your Keep are nursery rhymes by comparison. 


Friday the 13th : NES : Hirohiko Takayama : 1989

What was it about this game besides being one of the worst ever made
for the Nintendo, that made one constantly one to try and kill
Jason in a badly bit-art world built around non-sensical 
gaming usually concluding in the throwing of the controllers. 
The music! A hypnotic cascade of electronic micro melodies
trapping you in this horrific realm at 3am and forever.


From Beyond : The Lampre From Beyond : Richard Band : 1986

Some resonators are not meant for human consumption.
The use of these dynamic dimensional openers are
a high risk of contaminating yr reality with beings that
are not menat for yr space and time boundaries.
This composition represents a beware! of tampering with the 
other realms accessible but totally regrettable 
once turned on. Turn off while you can...


The Shining : Theme : Wendy Carlos : 1980

The psychic realms of ghosts, mysterious murders and
a un-happy family solitude in a far from society '...'
fits this errie modular 
synth track by Wendy Carlos like a much needed 
heavy jacket in a snow filled maze where yr sanity
might question its original being in the first being.
Youve always been the caretaker.


Sante Sangre : Sweet Dreams : Simon Boswell : 1989

You open a music box to escape your nightmares and at the
same time find yr darkest memory. A sudden glimpse 
of light that kills such contradiction. Her smile, the hands,
the blood, the memory. Within the realization of these invisible
salvations shines a silent good night.


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