What The Doctor Ordered

"Purveyors of classic synth, cosmic disco, wave (cold/new), and future music"

If you have been following the cold/minimal wave retro-virus of recent years, its likely you have run across Medical Records. This label has been responsible for re-issuing classics like Deutsche Wertarbeit s/t (originally on SKY), seminal Italian new wave Chrisma, prime Neue Deutsche Welle act Der Plan and many more. The label always delivers excellent packaging and solid 180 gram vinyl - sometimes colored!
[sqwelsch] got in contact with Dr. Troy who operates Medical Records. What follows is a brief interview, full discography and a special one of a kind Medical Records music mix...

[sqwelsch]: What is Medical Records?

Dr. Troy of Medical Records: Medical Records is a label concept that is the realization of Dr. Troy as an outlet to make available lost and unavailable synth/wave/minimal/italo classics.

[sqwelsch]: How did you get started?

Dr. Troy: The idea came about about 6-7 years ago. I was becoming frustrated by the unavailability of many of my favorite synth and new wave records of the late 70s/early 80s. At that time, it seemed very expensive (and is ridiculously worse now) to buy out of print LPs on Ebay and on the collector’s market. I was frankly tired of owning only poorly encoded digital files of most of these classics. As I realized that other similar labels were successfully reissuing these records, I realized that I could participate and work on reissuing my personal favorites.
My goal with this label is and always will be to present music that has touched me in some way. I hope that I will be able to accomplish two (2) goals. 1) I want to make available amazing out of print synth records and present them in a high quality, tasteful, and exciting format (180 gram, colored vinyl) with interesting artwork to accompany them. 2) I hope fans like myself who are constantly hungry for new (old) music will have a trusted label they can turn to. I want to have a consistently interesting catalog that will urge people to check out the always upcoming releases sometimes without having any knowledge of the artist. I hope people will recognize the sound and vision of Medical Records. There is nothing more exciting that buying a record without ever having heard it and falling in love with the music within!

[sqwelsch]: Tell me more about the Medical Records "sound"?

Dr. Troy: The Medical Sound is both narrow and wide. It encompasses stripped down new wave, krautrock synth odysseys, quirky kosmische, and cosmic/italo dancefloor burners.

[sqwelsch]: We here at [sqwelsch] love talking about our favorite music. Please tell us about a few artists/records that have inspired you and your Medical Records imprint.

Dr. Troy: My favorite bands and records of all time were created by Brian Eno (70s/80s) and Kraftwerk (ALL). Specifically, my favorite New Wave record is Human League “Travelogue”. That record is a revelation. Completely perfect in all of its unusual and uncomfortable glory. From a disco standpoint, my personal favorites are Sun La Shan “Catch” (dub version) and Charlie “Spacer Woman”.

[sqwelsch]: What does Medical Records have planned for the future? Is the prognosis good?

Dr. Troy: You can expect more long sought after reissues. The palette continues to evolve. The latest release is Lou Champagne System “No Visible Means”. Records on the horizon include the criminally unavailable "Dalek I" record. Next after those amazing discoveries will be the Axxess record and many more.

 What The Doc Ordered (Medical Records Pharmaceuticals Mix)

Medical Records discographic prescription:

MR-001 Deutsche Wertarbeit - Deutsche Wertarbeit
MR-002 Alexander Robotnick - Ce N'Est Q'Un Début
MR-003 Chrisma - Chinese Restaurant
MR-004 Chrisma - Hibernation
MR-005 Der Plan - Geri Reig
MR-006 Der Plan - Normalette Surprise
MR-007 Guyer's Connection - Self-Titled
MR-008 OGI - OGI
MR-009 Lou Champagne System - No Visible Means
MR-010 Dalek I - Compass Kum'pas (Release date: December 1, 2011)

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