Eclectic Synthesizer Stories

Here we are going back and forth rediscovering forgotten musical synthesizer genres.

For some they may be not only genres, but stories and processes that are unfolded and reshaped by modern synth creators, lovers and followers of these sounds. This genre can be characterized by dark and moody tones. It has a bleak stripped down sound, with instrumentation consisting generally of raw analog synths, a pulsating drum beat, and cold vocals. This music without the vocals can be also referred to as minimal electronics.
From fast and hectic minimal synth rhythms that make you dance to etheric, drifting and space moods “Dances with Phantom Minimaliste” mixtape delivers it, offering an alternative for the synth lovers something new and eclectic .. The Eclectic Synthesizer Stories.

 Dances With Phantom Minimaliste

Minimalwaver on Soundcloud, Official Fm, YouTube

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