In The Clouds

The idea of this new mix, was born a few days ago. When it came to my house, the UPS driver handed me a package containing some vinyl.
Inside the pack, there were some records that I bought a few days before from Discogs, and among them was a 7" inch vinyl of Umberto Lenzi, a disc that was given to me by the dealer, and from this vinyl the mix was born. From a little joke, a bit for fun. This is a mix for you!

  In The Clouds


01 Umberto Lenzi - Spasmo
02 Led Er Est - PS18
03 Cosmetics - Black Leather Gloves (Premier Rang Remake)
04 Martial Canterel - Secret Stores
05 Detachments - Words Alone
06 Soft Metals - Psychic Driving
07 Low Sea - Alex
08 Octavius - Apartments
09 Sixth June - Back For A Day
10 Led Er Est - Port Isabel
11 John Maus - Do Your Best


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I love your design style and your music taste.