Who Is Tommyboy?

Who is Tommy? Combing the web (& plenty of other physical media) for elusive retro-futuristic ephemera, Tommyboy is a multimedia video artist, DJ, faceless internet identity.

His work is a flash of neon signs & signifiers, inhabiting all that is sublime in space, zombies, unicorns, TV fluorescence... True kin of [sqwelsch].
Vintage video technologies have been a source of nostalgic power. Tommy has been a strong harbinger for the resurrection of the hyper VHS aesthetic that has been jamming our visual scanners in the videodrome. (Not to forget Lars Larsen and Seth Nemec, to mention a few others on the frontiers of video art synthesis.) Converging analogue & digital formats, enveloping computer animation, splashing clips from forgotten late night UHF spots....Ah, just watch this sprawling, all-encompassing video-collage project conjured by Tommy Boy

You can see other fine examples of Tommyboy’s audio-visual craft below on this page.

For further critical review, please refer to this glowing article about Tommy's particularly unique brand of net-art.
Tommyboy's vast archive of forgotten video stills and assorted psychotronic graphic illustrations on his personal tumblr page.

As a DJ, Tommy began breaking waves in retro dance culture as one-half of electro-cyborg duo TRANSEXFORMERS in 2000. Initially from Dallas, TX, he has since been across the USA spreading his mix of forgotten dance trax and video collages. ARAWA.FM, which Tommy was a major player along with Sean Donson, was one of our top favorite blogs. We are sad to see it gone from the net, but we are happy for it's five year run. In an effort to maintain his vital presence in the cosmos, [sqwelsch] is proud to add Tommyboy to our rosters of solar babies. Sean’s work can still be seen on his visually amazing tumblr

At this time, we’re excited to bring you Tommy’s latest mix and welcome him to the [sqwelsch] family of contributors.

 Full of Stars [click to download the mix]


Falcons - Viaje Al Centro de la Mente (Instrumental)
Brian Bennett - Solstice
Floaters - Float On
Flyer - Get Back Your Love
The Alan Parsons Project - What Goes Up
The Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why
Rudy Norman - Back to the Streets
Chris Gilbey - Moonlight Lady
Nina Simone - Baltimore
Band Called O - Coasting
Bjorn Gardsby - On The Line
Rapheal Top Secret - Bay Drive edit
Orm - Tropic
Alessi - Seabird
Quiet Village - Keep On Rolling
Liverpool Express - You Are My Love
The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You
Rolling Stones - Heaven (keyboard masher edit)
Santana - Aqua Marine
David Sylvian - The Woman at the Wall
Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire

Some of other famous Tommyboy mixes:

All mixes are available for download on the [sqwelsch] official FM page.

Tommyboy’s video for Gatekeeper - "Optimus Maximus"

Tommyboy’s video for //TENSE// - "Chain”

And this is a promotional video flyer for a music night with DJG called “Yesterday’s Gold”

..stay tuned for a download of YG IV!

All infos about Tommyboy in one click!

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